The issues facing candidates in the 2020 Presidential election, and answers from Green Party candidate Alan Augustson.

Abortion and Women's Issues

I will fight to protect a woman’s ownership of her own body, improve workplace equity and end rape culture.


I will decrease defense spending, end massive corporate subsidies and invest in infrastructure and education.

Civil Rights

I will restore the rights stolen from us since 9/11, stop the advance of organized hate groups and fight oppressive laws.

Crime, Guns and Law Enforcement

I support self-defense, but I will also work for a safe, sane gun policy. The real causes of crime are poverty, injustice, and lack of opportunity.


I will end corporate welfare, restore workers’ rights, strengthen the safety net and invest in a reboot of our national infrastructure.


I will regulate for-profit “colleges”, fortify public education, remedy student loan debt and guarantee educational access.


I will push to invest in renewable energies, and create the post-oil infrastructure.


I will restore environmental protections and work to mitigate catastrophic climate change.

Foreign Policy

I will establish a new and more responsible partnership with our global neighbors, one based on trust rather than domination.

Government and Election Reform

We can end corruption, conflicts of interest and abuses of power; all by eliminating money from politics.


I support universal health coverage, and no other option will be accepted.


No immigration restrictions based on country of origin. No border wall. Fight human trafficking and ease pathways to legal resident status.


We must rebuild our country’s highways, bridges, water and power systems, and communications networks.

LGBT Issues

I swear that every American shall be free, to be whom they are and love whom they love.

Military and Defense

I will decrease our military footprint worldwide. Realign our strategic plan. Give proper care and aid to servicemembers and veterans.

Poverty and Inequality

I will work to end hunger, fight predatory lending, push for affordable housing and create real economic opportunity.

Social Security

I will protect the Social Security Trust Fund. It will never be Congress’s trough, or Wall Street’s cash cow.

Taxes and Wage Policy

I will support raising the minimum wage. I will push to raise taxes on corporations and our wealthiest individuals.


Cease to be a terrorist nation ourselves, and we will cease to be terrorists’ preferred target. Prosecute domestic hate crime as terrorism.

Values and Religion

No religion will receive Federal preference. No religion will be permitted to persecute others.