Thank you for visiting. This is the online Headquarters for the Alan Augustson for President 2020 Campaign. Alan is representing the Green Party of the United States, a party devoted to creating a more just, peaceful and responsible America.

A little housekeeping…

The latest site update should be a little more phone-friendly, placing the content at the top and above the “sidebar” material that’s constant from one

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2019 Listening Tour

If your upcoming Local or State Party meeting has teleconferencing available, please let me know at https://run-alan.run/contact. By agreement with the other candidates, I can’t speak unless all candidates are invited. But no one said I can’t listen!

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Are you not entertained?

Let’s be perfectly honest. For decades now, our Presidents have been elected solely on entertainment value.

You want entertainment? I will bring you the ultimate reality show: Billionaires behind Bars! Coming to a TV near you, January 2021!

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