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Bernie Fans: got a ‘Plan B’?

You’re intelligent people. You see the pieces falling into place. You see the framework already built for the torpedoing of Bernie Sanders’s campaign, popular vote be damned. Aren’t you feeling a little used yet?

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We have an opportunity.

When the Democrats throw Bernie under the bus — and they will — and the voters are left to hold their noses and vote for another empty suit, there will be one party left to stand for freedom, justice and even human survival. We have to run this one to win.

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REMINDER: Coffee & Q/A w/ Alan, Sunday 5/5

Don’t forget! This Sunday at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific, throw on a pot of coffee (or tea, sure, whatever) and join Alan Augustson in a LIVE Zoom teleconference! Bring your questions… bring your answers… bring a sense of humor!

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Consider yourself on notice

@realDonaldTrump: you created a threat to all human existence just to feed your vanity. If and when I succeed you, rest assured you’ll be the star of a very different show.

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URGENT to Democratic voters…

I can guarantee you that Bernie will be thrown under the bus. I can guarantee you that you will be fobbed off on a centrist juggernaut. And I can guarantee you a Trump re-election.

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