Thank you for visiting. This is the online Headquarters for the Alan Augustson for President 2020 Campaign. Alan is representing the Green Party of the United States, a party devoted to creating a more just, peaceful and responsible America.

The kids are not all right

Why do kids commit suicide in such huge numbers? Or engage in dangerous stunts on YouTube? Or record sex videos, or shoot up their classrooms? Because they’re all too aware. This world is used up, burned out. There is already nothing left for them.

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Send no money!

After a lot of thought I have decided to take no donations. Green and progressive money is stretched thinly enough as it is. Please consider a gift to your State or Local Green Party instead.

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There is still beauty in this world and it’s worth saving. There is still goodness in humanity and it’s worth nurturing. There is still some reason to hope, and it’s worth fighting for. Let ’em laugh. Call me crazy, or delusional. Say I’m wasting my time. I will not be counted among the cowards who never even tried.

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Special Emergency Announcement

The actions of the Trump Administration have created a legal and constitutional crisis that demands immediate action. I have issued a special statement here: https://run-alan.run/illegitimacy/

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