A Declaration of Illegitimacy

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

A Declaration of Illegitimacy of the United States Government

At the time of this writing, the United States Government under the Trump Administration has:

      • Committed unprovoked acts of international aggression,
      • Relentlessly persecuted political opponents, critics and dissidents,
      • Emboldened and enabled dangerous elements to commit acts of domestic terrorism,
      • Maintained extensive conflicts of interest,
      • Committed countless crimes against humanity,
      • Repeatedly sought to circumvent or subvert the democratic process,
      • Exonerated war criminals, and
      • Generally flouted the rule of both domestic and international law.

Therefore, we the undersigned persons and organizations declare the United States Government in a state of illegitimacy, and call for the following actions:

      • The immediate arrest of the President, the Vice President, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense, and other persons to be named.
      • The immediate removal of all current Federal political appointees, to be replaced in the interim by the most senior career officials of the various departments, bureaus and agencies,
      • A general strike of all Federal government employees, excepting those involved in the delivery of vital humane services, until these ends are achieved.
      • A standing-down of all U.S. military forces worldwide, and a commitment from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to cease to enact the orders of a criminal Commander in Chief,
      • A standing-down of all U.S. Secret Service personnel, and a revocation of the President’s protective privileges,
      • A freeze on all financial assets of the persons named above,
      • Mass action on the part of labor unions, sympathetic political parties, journalists, human rights organizations and any other interested parties in support of these demands.

We further call upon the international community to undertake the following:

      • Formal censure of the United States Government under the Trump Administration by the United Nations,
      • Refusal of asylum, safe harbor, or any other entry to any of the above persons,
      • Expulsion of the U.S. from the United Nations Security Council for the duration of the present state of illegitimacy.
      • Cessation of trade with the United States for the duration of the present state of illegitimacy.
      • Expulsion of U.S. diplomatic personnel for the said duration.
      • Expulsion of U.S. military personnel and assets for the said duration.
      • Formal indictment of the Trump Administration by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, acts of unprovoked military aggression and crimes against humanity.

We the undersigned hereby affirm these charges as true, these actions as necessary, and the consequences of inaction as an imminent and deadly threat to all humanity.


Alan Augustson

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