Help Wanted

Join the party! There are opportunities for campaign volunteers with the Alan Augustson 2020 campaign. Plenty of ways to help shape and spread the message. Applicants should be registered Green Party members living in the US. Thanks for your interest!

Communications Genius

  • You’ll screen incoming emails from the website and route them accordingly.
  • You’ll maintain the mailing list.
  • You’ll participate in updating and moderating our social media presence.
  • Please be well versed in email usage, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

(Web) Bug Zapper

  • You’ll monitor and test the website and social media for everything from technical errors like “404’s”, to editing/spelling/grammatical mistakes. Not that Alan makes any. Nooooooo.
  • Please be very Web-literate, to enclude coding, scripting and the use of WordPress.

Research Bloodhound

  • You’ll monitor current events and poke Alan for statements when a rapid response seems crucial.
  • You’ll stay abreast of the Green Party platform and policies as they evolve.
  • You’ll fact-check Alan’s statements prior to release.
  • Please be very good both at finding answers, and finding the questions that need answering.

Nerd Wrangler

  • You’ll help identify speaking engagement opportunities for Alan, via personal appearances or tele/videoconferencing.
  • You’ll stay abreast of Green Party meetings and conferences at the national, state and local levels, looking for opportunities to interact and collaborate.
  • Please have a good working knowledge of event planning, scheduling and the use of Web-based communications.

Financial Wizard

  • You’ll look for new and better ways to solicit donations to help grow this campaign.
  • You’ll help with compliance issues for donation reporting.
  • Please be very good at asking people for money. Doesn’t hurt to have a good understanding of FEC reporting regulations, too.