The Plan

The Plan

We need to talk.

Things are bad now, seriously bad. Everything we know, everything we think matters, is about to disappear forever.

The planet is changing into an uninhabitable toxic desert, and that change is accelerating. Disease is on the rise, global tensions are mounting, and human rights are eroding. Humanity has decades, tops, before spiraling into a New Dark Age.

Here at home, collectively we have all the resources we need to avert disaster, but individually we’re all overweight, sick and nearly bankrupt. We can’t join together to fix things because we’ve been turned against each other a hundred different ways. We’re obsessed with our trivial differences and blind to our mutual doom.

Let me put this as clearly as I know how: we’re a people seeking the fastest and most comfortable ride as we speed towards the edge of a cliff.

Now, as every four years, we’re being told to choose from among the people who profit from our dysfunction, to save us from our dysfunction. Our range of choices will be filtered through money and media, and we already know our votes to be so meaningless that we’ll cast them based largely on entertainment value.

And here’s me, neither rich nor pretty nor connected, certified non-noteworthy by Wikipedia, beaten down with every endeavor, and with every reason to just stop caring.

And I can’t.

Because I have an answer. More than an answer, a detailed plan. That sounds ridiculous, coming from a person whom all the forces of heaven and earth call a nobody. But I can succeed. Where Obama failed, where Bernie would fail, where Beto or whomever won’t even try, I can succeed.

I will explain exactly why, and how. First, the why — the method to my madness.

Politics is the process of deciding who gets what. The problem with that is that everything winds up going to the people who make those decisions, and to those who can get them even more. Introducing a reformer into the mix at the Congressional level results in either the failure or the total mainstreaming of that reformer.

Our economic, ecological and social crises are linked. They cannot be addressed separately; only a systemic program can avert our coming disaster. Problem is, our current system doesn’t “do” systemic change. Reasonable, compromising people tell us that incremental change is better than none. They’re pushing the status quo. And status quo is a death sentence.

Change will have to be implemented from the top down. You need someone with the ability and willingness to be unreasonable.

Now for the how — the madness to my method.

The Green New Deal addresses precisely the changes we need, and in precisely the systemic fashion we need. Congress will never pass it. It must be imposed. Unilaterally.

It begins with an unprecedented exercise of the Executive Order, mainly to restore the rights stolen from us through all prior Executive Orders.

The Cabinet shall be promoted from within the Departments represented — no political appointees. State Ambassadors will be promoted from within the career Diplomatic Corps — no political appointees. Thus my Cabinet will be grounded in reality, not doctrine. I will be told the facts, rather than what I want to hear.

Using the data from these career professionals, rather than the objectives of lobbyists or the pet projects of Congress, and based upon the implementation of the Green New Deal, the Federal Budget will be drafted and presented to Congress. Congress will reject that Budget unanimously, triggering a government shutdown.

Here we enter the next phase. I will declare a state of emergency for purposes of continuance of vital governmental functions, the implementation of Green New Deal programs, and the calling of a new Constitutional Convention. This will be supported by a mobilization of National Guard troops nationwide, if necessary, and a lockout of the existing Congress.

A new Constitution will be proposed to the Convention with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as its root, the Green New Deal as its model, and direct democracy as its objective. It will be further proposed that the Convention adopt the Rome Accord, making the U.S. answerable to the International Criminal Court.

The new Green Constitution will be submitted to the states for ratification. Those states who will not adopt the Constitution will have the option of exiting the Union and reorganizing as they see fit, but will have all Federal military assets withdrawn therefrom.

And we begin to rebuild.

There you have it. The only way the Green New Deal can be adopted, and the man who’s willing to be damned by history for doing it.

Little old me. My name is Alan Augustson. Elect me and you will see things happen that you thought were impossible.

Pass the word!
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