Thank you for visiting. This is the online Headquarters for the Alan Augustson for President 2020 Campaign. Alan is representing the Green Party of the United States, a party devoted to creating a more just, peaceful and responsible America.

Spare a Twenty?

I hate asking people for money. I prefer to work for a living. (laughing) But money is one of the awful realities of politics: getting the message out costs money.

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Columbine: 20 years later, the lessons we haven’t learned

Our culture bombards us with media images telling us that “if you’re not somebody, you’re nobody.” Then it shows us the extremely limited range of things that make one somebody: you have to be able to hit a three-point shot, or look pretty while warbling an automatically pitch-corrected tune. Our kids are shown what our society has decided to value, and it is not them.

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Throwing out the rulebook

A nomination is such that one name will represent the Green Party on the final ballot. But that one can be made so much stronger a name through the experiences and perspectives and ideas of all.

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Reboot America

Had you ever noticed how much the Green Party’s secondary “G square” logo looks like a “reboot” icon? I’d only just picked up on it a few days ago. The timing of such symbology couldn’t be more appropriate, especially given what’s at stake and what will be necessary to restore peace, freedom and a future.

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